A COVID Response Tracking Study conducted by researchers at NORC, University of Chicago has found that Americans are more unhappy today than they've been in the last 50 years. Even though these results are expected due to the coronavirus chaos, experts did not expect such a huge decline in happy Americans when compared to the past years.

Why Americans are unhappy?

According to the new study, only 14 percent of the American adults revealed that they are happy. However, in 2018, 31 percent of the Americans claimed they are happy, and in that year, 23 percent of the people revealed that they usually feel isolated. But in the recent study, nearly 50 percent of the Americans revealed that they often feel isolated and lonely.

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Interestingly, research from the General Social Survey which has been conducted at least every other year since 1972 suggests that Americans were never as unhappy as now never before in the past 50 years. Ever in history, no less than 29 percent of Americans have called themselves unhappy, but this year, this figure touched an all-time low.

"It isn't as high as it could be. People have figured out a way to connect with others. It's not satisfactory, but people are managing to some extent," said Louise Hawkley, a senior research scientist with NORC at the University of Chicago, Associated Press reports.

Coronavirus latest updates in the United States

The novel coronavirus that apparently originated in the United States has already killed more than 1,19,000 people so far. As per the latest statistics, there are more than 2,209,231 positive cases in the country. Even though the rise in cases has witnessed a decline in recent days, medical experts are worried about a possible second wave of coronavirus that could be deadlier than the first outbreak. 

In the meantime, several recent studies had claimed that COVID-19 has already mutated to more than 30 strains which will make it difficult to find an overall cure for the pandemic.