CarryMinati has been all the rage recently. After his YouTube versus TikTok outing, things haven't quite been the same for the Youtuber on the platform. While many supported the free speech argument, others still believed the Youtuber could have toned it down a notch.

CarryMinati was blindsided, however, when Kunal Kamra entered the ring to challenge him to a roast duel. The Youtuber didn't pick the bait yet. His fans though continued to defend his honour, as Kunal Kamra roasted Carry, triggering a whole slew of questions, who's going to come out of this the winner?

Kunal Kamra and CarryMinati

Kunal Kamra versus CarryMinati 

Kunal Kamra took on CarryMinati after the Youtuber became all the talk on social media. CarryMinati ended up creating a storm with his video YouTube versus TikTok where he roasted TikTokers. YouTube took down the popular video because of the content and as it went against their community guidelines on harassment and bullying. 


However, netizens were unimpressed with the takedown, believing that the platform had curtailed the video just before it broke records. Many celebrities and other YouTubers came to the support of Carry to defend free speech.

Enter Kunal Kamra, one of the most controversial albeit intelligent comics in India right now. Kamra had more issues with the format of Carry's roast rather than the content itself, although he called out the content too. Kamra made his own roast on CarryMinati, 'Aaja beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye'. The origin of the ongoing war lies here.

Who's winning Kunal Kamra or CarryMinati?

If we're to compare stats, Kunal Kamra has been around longer, has been doing comedy for years and has 1.67M subscribers. Unfortunately, people more popularly dislike him rather than like him for picking beef with journalist Arnab Goswami and his anti-BJP outlook. 

CarryMinati, on the other hand, has become somewhat of a youth icon. With over 20.1M subscribers, he's playing in the big leagues. CarryMinati is known for his roasts of everything under the sun and gaming videos, so his target audience is quite varied. He does have the upper hand when it comes to popular support. 

When it comes to their ongoing war on YouTube, Carry hasn't really addressed Kunal Kamra directly. That's also probably because he doesn't need to, his fans are already doing that for him. When Kunal Kamra's video came out, Carry fans found very little humour in his show. To prove the point, now the Kunal's video has over 2M dislikes. 

Still, Carry's video got taken down, so now that's out of the running. In Kunal's video, he calls out Carry for bullying people and dubbing it a 'roast', for non-intelligent content and for lack of better language.

Kunal isn't easily phased, so he took to Twitter to address the criticism a few days back:

It looks like this war is still on until CarryMinati responds. As for the winner...It's all of us viewers, who get free entertainment at the expense of their energy.