Sumesh Bhan's name neither figures in the list of martyrs nor terrorists. It figures somewhere in the list of victims who tried being the perpetrators. In fact, when he died in Delhi on the 5th of February due to multiple ailments, many questioned quietly as to who was he. As his cremation was done at Seemapuri Delhi, the public memory had to be jogged about the Kashmiri Pandit, whose one act could have completely changed the course of history.   

Who was Sumesh Bhan: Kashmiri Pandit who could have changed course of J&K history

Who was Sumesh Bhan?

Sumesh Bhan, from Rainawari, Srinagar, Kashmir was a Kashmiri Pandit who picked up arms to seek revenge from terrorists in 1992. He is a reminder to the human race that militants aren't born, they are made; born out of unfortunate circumstances.  Some are raised and cultivated for political gains, others become so after suffering abuse and hatred. 

In 1992, when he was 18, Bhan and his friend carried a bomb to a school in Jammu. Reportedly, the school had been made an examination centre for Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists who were appearing for board exams. The two wanted to target them, but for fate. The bomb exploded in his hand, which resulted in killing his friend instantly.

As for Bhan, he lost his hand and spent years in jail. No one can figure out what would have been, had he been successful. The fact that things would have been very different and the history taken some other course is a given. Those who have been in touch with him and charted his journey, know that he became a bitter man. Naturally. Never uttered a word and was changed forever. Many social media users came forward to pay their last respects, and some termed him a 'Bhagat Singh' of their community. But the fact that he is a classic case that can be used to introspect and learn from, can't be denied.