Ever since the year 2021 began, it has been giving us a free meme ride. Last week the internet introduced us to the 'Pawri' girl Dananeer Mobeen. If Pawri Ho Rahi Hai is still on your minds, one girl is trending on social media and has made us forget everything.

Since yesterday Shweta is trending all over the internet! For the ones who aren't aware of who she is, read on.

Who is Shweta, the latest sensation 

Shweta memes break the internet. Here's why the girl's name is trending

Shweta - the tea spiller who shared a little too much information with her friend as she forgot to turn the mic off during a conference call with 111 people. And, now the internet has started a meme fest.

Recently, a video of a zoom call started making the rounds of the internet, in which Shweta is giving some "masala gossip" to her friend Radhika and is so engrossed in this that she forgets to turn off her mic.

In the video, she is even heard saying' ye sab baat us ladke ne apne best friend ko bhi nahi batayi." (that guy hasn't said this to his best friend) To which, a person in the con call replies and says, "koi baat nahi, ab to 111 logon ko pata chal gaya hai. (Never mind now, 111 people know this)"

Someone from the zoom call recorded the video and leaked it online, and in no time, Shewta's video went viral on the internet.

Will Yashraj Mukhate give a hilarious twist to her conversation?

But, what caught our attention was that the netizens were eagerly waiting for Yashraj Mukhate to drop spoof music on it.

However, Yashraj Mukhate, in his story, mentioned that he wouldn't be making any rap on Shweta's con-call leaked video.

Yashraj Mukhate

In the video, he said, "No, no, Shweta pe koi video nahi aa raha hai.. yaar itne logo ne DM kar dyia. There is no video coming on Shweta)"

He further added to it that, "Shweta, if you are watching this, yaha pe ye mic jaisa logo hoga, usko bas aise click karna Hoga. (Here is a mic, and here's how you are supposed to turn it off)" He posted the story with the caption that read, "Small tutorial for Shweta."

So guys, sit back and relax as we share with you some of the hilarious memes that have taken over the internet in the last 24 hours, and it is still on.

Satish Ray too made a funny video on the viral trend 

However, the conversations didn't just end with memes and jokes or sharing the viral audio clip. In fact, the trend has crept into the Zoom app's review page as well. On Google Play Store and app store, there are hundreds of reviews by Indian users who are now giving 1 star to the app with hashtag #JusticeForShweta.