Fans have a totally different perspective on their favourite stars until they meet them personally. While this isn't a generic presumption about all the celebs but definitely a few of them have totally disappointed their fans probably even losing followers to some extent.

While some celebs are quite well behaved and polite, others think fans their fans to be trash. Here are a few experiences shared by fans on Quora where they revealed how their beautiful faces wear a mask in public places. A mask of arrogance and rude behaviour. We are sure this piece shall surely change your views about a few celebs. Read on

Rudest Bollywood actress
Rudest Bollywood actress

Katrina Kaif didn't even spare a kid

A user revealed when a kid aged around 8 to 10 years approached Katrina for an autograph addressing her as aunty, she literally yelled on the poor kid,  "How dare you call me Aunty? Don't you know who I am? How did you come to me? How can the staff be so irresponsible? I am gonna complain," and many more undesirable things.

The poor kid just stood there stunned as the airline staff ran towards her rescue. The kid with tears in his eyes and probably a need for lifelong therapy ran back to his seat.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina KaifTwitter

After a minute or so, a Sikh gentleman walked hurriedly to the business class and toward's Kaif's seat. Her manager tried to intervene, but the gentleman just gestured her to stop and asked Ms Kaif in an agitated tone" HOW DARE YOU SCARE A LITTLE CHILD AND WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU FOREIGN IMPORT WHO JUST GOT LUCKY TO BE WITH A BOLLYWOOD STAR. SHAME ON YOU!!" and walked back in the same way he had come to the business class followed by tremendous applause from all the passengers including me leaving Kaif completely speechless.

Saif and Kareena are so intolerant

A user revealed, ''I was a big fan, but this changed things. I was 12 years old at that time me and my family along with cousins had gone for a vacation, we were sitting on Bombay airport when my dad saw Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. It was late night so there was no crowd at all. I and my 3 cousins all aged between 11 to 14 at that time ran towards them to shake hands.''

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan
Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

''As soon as we reached there I wanted to shake hands with Kareena and Saif so I said hi and before anything I got a small push from my cousin and my leg fell on his leg a bit and he angrily pushed me back and looked at me raising his eyes and said how dare you. He then saw my dad was standing right behind me so without telling anything more he and Kareena looked at us angrily and left.'

Twinkle Khanna fought for an Rs.280 rupees toy 

Another anonymous user writes, "I was working as a part-timer in Crossword Juhu, Mumbai as a sales representative for Mattel Toys. 10 years ago a small, 4-year-old kid came to me asking for a toy. I asked him what he wanted, he replied, "I will search for my toy" so I said, "Ok". After searching for a long time he found a toy and with a surprised look, he said "I was looking for this very toy for since long"! It was a bubble maker toy. After that, he went happily running towards his Mom and I resumed my work.

After some time a fair lady with coloured hair came to me with anger written all over her face. I didn't recognize her at first but I realized later that it was Twinkle Khanna. She came to me and started yelling, "Have you shown this to him?"

Twinkle Khanna with son Aarav
Twinkle Khanna with son Aarav

I replied, "No he has taken it himself." After hearing it she again shouted at me saying, "how can you give toys to small kids?" and a long speech of never-ending rants.

As I was working part-time with a meagre salary I got a little frustrated at her and replied, "if you have any problem you can file a complaint against my name to the manager." Then she shouted at her son and he started crying and after that, she asked me the cost of the toy to which I said, "It's Rs 280?" and then what she said shocked me. She said, "Do you know how much hard work is required to earn 280 rupees!" and she left!