A few days after Vijay Mallya said that he was ready to settle bank dues in India, a UK High Court judge issued an enforcement order in favour of a consortium of 13 Indian banks, in order to recover the money the liquor baron owes them.

This is a huge setback for the 62-year-old business tycoon as the enforcement officers can now enter his plush estates like Bramble lodge, Welwyn and other properties like Hertfordshire near London and seize his possessions.

The officers have also been permitted to enter Mallya's sprawling estate Ladywalk in Hertfordshire village of Tewin, where the billionaire is said to be living with his longtime beau Pinky Lalwani.

Reports have said that Lalwani has been running the household located in the quintessentially English upper-class village after Mallya fled India on March 2, 2016.

Who is Pink Lalwani?

  • Lalwani, who was an air hostess with the Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) has been in a relationship with Mallya for the past three years.
Vijay Mallya
Lalwani left India at the same time as Vijay Mallya.Reuters
  • Mallya had met her when he hired her as a flight attendant for the KFA in 2011.
  • The couple has been spotted together quite a few times and has recently celebrated the third anniversary of their relationship, The Indian Express reported.
  • She left India at the same time when Mallya escaped the nation.
  • Even though she is much younger than Mallya, the couple is known to get along well and she has also stood by him during his difficult times.
  • The 38-year-old girlfriend is also known to be close to Mallya's mother and has been seen with her at various events.
  • She also attends court hearings with Mallya, who was once called the "King of Good Times" due to his extravagant lifestyle. She was seen at the Westminster Magistrates Court in London, where Mallya's extradition case was being heard.
  •  Lalwani is expected to tie the knot soon with the 62-year-old Mallya. In that case, she will be his third wife after Sameera Tyabjee and Rekha Mallya.