Kpop band BIGBANG recently performed in Taiwan and amidst the waves of love and support that fans showered on the Hallyu stars, the band also courted controversy.

BIGBANG member Seungri was spotted holding hands with a woman at a club in Taipei, Taiwan at 1am. Pictures of the two flooded media outlets, and fans were quick to guess who the mystery woman wa. Nevertheless, the woman in question put an end to the rumours that swirled about and stated that she was a simultaneous interpreter.

In an interview to a Taiwainese newspaper, Maggie Mong, who was seen with Seungri, said, "Right now I'm not in charge of Seungri's interpretations specifically, though I did recently receive a request to supervise the interpretation of BIGBANG's Taiwan concert and individual schedules."

She added that she had worked with Korean celebrities before but did not envisage that their picture would be blown out of proportion, reported Soompi.

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Meanwhile, YG Entertaintment released an official statement on the pictures. The agency stated, "We know that [he] spent some personal time with friends at the club after his performance. We know that he did not ride a car with the female."

A Chinese news agency first reported about Seungri's late night rendezvous with Maggie. The article claimed, "Seungri appeared at a club on September 26 around 1 a.m. in Taipei's Da'an District. Most of them were speaking in Korean," reported Soompi.

BIGBANG is currently on their MADE world tour in the US. The Kpop boy band recently performed at the Honda Centre in Las Vegas and will travel to Newark for their upcoming gigs on 10 and 11 October.