You could never imagine BIGBANG star G-Dragon with kids. And yet, that's exactly what he did when he appeared on popular Korean TV show, "Superman is Back."

The latest news suggests that GD, the country's leading fashion icon, embraced his young fan, Choo Sarang with love, affection and a lot of care.

The preview clip of the next episode of "Superman is Back" reveals that the rapper went to Sarang's house. On seeing him, she is initially surprised and awed by her favourite Kpop idol, but she warms up to him pretty quickly and even fetches him water when GD says he is thirsty.

Both of them go on to play house and even have a dance party, reported Soompi. The young fan danced to BIGBANG's infamous song, "BANG BANG BANG" while GD looked on in wonder.

Choo Sarang caught GD's attention when her father tweeted that his daughter is a big fan of the BIGBANG member. He said, "Sarang, who calls any male singer who comes out on TV dancing and singing GD. All GD! He is the male person that Sarang likes the most these days. GD. Let me know when you are in Tokyo ^^ Let's meet," according to Soompi.

Her mother, Yano Shiho, a celebrity model even revealed that she would like appear in a commercial with her daughter's famous idol, GD.

Meanwhile, the "Heartbreaker" singer and 2NE1 star Dara might have something to celebrate. Both their social media accounts gained another million followers. While GD's Instagram account has an impressive 6 million followers,  Dara has 3 million followers on her Twitter account. 

Both stars have been in the midst of relationship rumours. Fans of GD and Dara linked them after his alleged break up with model, Kiko Mizuhara. However, we reported that the "Crooked" singer is indeed single. 

The next episode titled, "Great Father" will air on Sunday, 27 September on KBS2TV.

You can watch the preview here: