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Here are some important facts you need to know about Komaram Bheem, who was considered as a hero in the 1900's. Though Komaram Bheem's contribution towards the empowerment of the Adivasis is huge, his recognition has been limited to Telugu land and his story must be known by all.

Unknown facts about Komaram Bheem:

1. Komaram Bheem was born in 1901 to Komaram Chinnu and Som Bai in the forests of Asifabad, Telangana.

2. Bheem belongs to Gond Tribals and decided to fight against the oppression of tribal people at a very small age.

3. Bheem fought against the Asaf Jahi Dynasty for the freedom of Adivasis.

4. Komaram Bheem, who came to know about the ongoing atrocities, launched massive agitations against the Nizam government (Telangana and a few parts that were under Nizam's control) and started guerrilla warfare against their army.

5. Jode Ghat was the center of Komaram Bheem's activities and Bheem continued his guerrilla war from 1928 to 1940.

6. Bheem was greatly inspired by the freedom fighter Alluri Seetha Ramaraju who stood strong against the British during the freedom fight.

7. Komaram Bheem is the man behind the birth of the slogan "Jal, Jungle, Zameen" (Water, Forest, Land).

8. Komaram Bheem fought against Nizam's soldiers and breathed his last fighting at Babijhari in the year 1940.

9. 72 years after his death, in 2012 Komaram Bheem's statue was installed at Tank Bund, Hyderabad.

10. Puchalapalli Sundariah, the comrade leader of Telangana Rebellion wrote the life history of Komaran Bheem -- the tribal hero who dedicated his life for the empowerment of Adivasis.

Komaram Bheem
The statue of Komaram BheemInternet

Komaram Bheem is still praised as a true hero who dedicated his life for the welfare of the Adivasis. Komaram Bheem will forever remain a leader and icon for his contributions to the age-long Adivasi struggle of 'Jal Jangal Jameen'.

Now that SS Rajamouli has announced a movie with NTR portraying the role of the younger version of Komaram Bheem, it is expected that the life of this fighter will be known to everyone.