Selena Gomez Wants a Promise Ring to Get Back with Justin Bieber?
Selena Gomez (L) and Justin Bieber (R)Reuters

Actions speak louder than words and Selena Gomez is watching Justin Beiber closely because this time she wants to be absolutely sure before saying a yes.

JBiebs have been all around Selena supporting her whenever possible. He let the world know that Selena looked beautiful at the Met Ball and was rumoured to have spoken about how she looked like a princess.

Now the Hollywood Life reports that the "Boyfriend" singer is just waiting for the Texas beauty to say those magical words and he will be all hers. But the 22-year-old still remembers her past and wants to take things at a slow pace.

"If she asked him, Justin would reunite with Selena in a heartbeat. She's the stumbling block, because she's unsure Justin is the right man for her. They've been down that road before and she couldn't handle how immature he was, so they parted ways again," an insider told the website.

And Justin isn't taking a 'no' for an answer. Though he has been seen with quite a lot of girls after he split from Selena, he has accepted that his heart only belongs to the "Come and Get It" singer. A source also claims that Kendall means nothing to him and he will never bring things to the next level with the reality star.

"Justin, despite his flings with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, has always held a torch for Selena," the source told the celebrity website. "For him, they weren't just in love, they were soul mates, and he hates when he can't have her in his life."

But Selena is still testing her waters and is not having any open meetings yet with her ex, as she believes that the Canadian singer behaves differently in front of his fans.

"She's letting him do the work and will be the one in the end who decides if they actually will meet up in person. It's just awkward and nerve-wracking for her. She kind of knows deep down inside that avoiding him is most likely the best choice," said the same source.

Will second time be a charm for 'Jelena'? Only time will tell.