Even though the co-founder of INX Media and wife of TV tycoon Peter Mukerjea, Indrani Mukherjea, "confessed" to killing her daughter Sheena Bora after days of interrogation, the answer to the question "who informed the Mumbai police about the three-year-old murder" remains a mystery.

Several reports have emerged in the last few days indicating that someone from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh had called up the Mumbai police a couple of months ago to inform about Sheena's murder.

The call thus led to the arrest of Indrani's driver Shyam Rai, who confessed to be a part of the crime allegedly conspired by her. The police then arrested Indrani and her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna, who allegedly assisted in the murder.

Earlier, there were reports suggesting that driver Rai had spilled the beans about Sheena's murder during interrogation into an illegal arm case. However, another report surfaced on Sunday, indicating that the Mumbai police had recieved a tip-off over a phone call made from Meerut, leading to further mystery.

"It was an anonymous call and we followed-up on the information supplied by the caller," The Quint quoted police sources as saying.

  • The caller

Man linked to INX Media – The Quint suggested that the caller could be linked to INX Media. The Mukherjeas had dissolved INX Media and allegedly distributed a part of company's money to "proxies" who had to later return the money to promoters. It is believed that the caller was one of the "proxies".

Husband of Sheena's friend – Yet another report of the Quint suggested that it was Sheena's friend who called up the police informing about the possibility of murder. The police reportedly traced the number to Sheena's friend's husband in Meerut, where he is said to be working with another "sensitive wing of the government".

Their suspicion was based on Sheena's disclosure about her relationship with Peter's son Rahul Mukherjea and her true relations with Indrani in 2012. Sheena and her friend had studied in Guwahati's Disneyland School and both remained in touch even after Sheena shifted to Mumbai.

Whoever the informer was, the police are still intrigued by the real motive behind the details of the murder being divulged. "The entire case was busted on a tip-off, but it is important to know that the informer's motive behind leaking the information," the Daily News & Analysis reported.

  • Driver Rai

It was also reported that Rai had divulged about Sheena's murder to one of his friends at a bar after getting drunk. His revelations were believed to have been heard by a police informer who was sitting nearby and later informed the police. The police started the investigation based on that tip-off, Zee News reported.

  • Khar police constable

It is also reported that a constable at Khar police station, which is investigating the Sheena Bora murder case, gave the information about the murder to senior police inspector Dattatray Bargude and police inspector Dinesh Kadam, the Hindustan Times reported.

  • Peter Mukerjea

It is also said that Peter had himself informed a senior police officer or had a common source with the police disclose about the murder. Rahul Mukherjea is also suspected to be the informer.

  • Siddhartha Das

Another theory that is cooking up is that Sheena's father Siddhartha Das gave a tip-off to the police after finding out that she was his biological daughter.

  • Mikhail Bora

Lastly, Sheena's brother Mikhail Bora is also suspected to have informed police about the possibilities of Sheena's murder. It has been reported that Mikhail tipped off the police fearing for his own life.