A Turkish legal expert has claimed that he paid one of the suspects in the European parliament corruption case for "ethical lobbying services" that included resolutions denouncing war crimes in Syria and Yemen as the investigation into the Qatargate scandal continues.

Hakan Camuz, a British citizen living in London, claimed that two of his organisations had engaged in "consultancy contracts" for what they believed to be "parliamentary services" with a company associated with Francesco Giorgi, Pier Antonio Panzeri's assistant and a key figure in the corruption scandal.

Hakam Camuz
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Hakam Camuz : Known for this anti-India Stance

Last year, Hakan Kamuz's UK-based law firm Stoke White filed cases against top Indian officials alleging "war crimes against Kashmiri Muslims". The firm also filed a legal appeal with the Metropolitan Police in London against the Indian Army Chief and the Home Minister following an investigation report on alleged war crimes in Jammu and Kashmir. Hakan Kamuz did this to defame India.

Hakan Kamuz has a direct relation with the administration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has ranted Kashmir many times in the United Nations. Erdogan also criticized India while taking the side of Pakistan. Pakistan had praised Erdogan a lot for trying to become the 'master' of Islamic countries by stirring up the Kashmir issue of Turkey. It has been learned that Hakan Kamuz is close to this Erdogan.

Imran Khan and Erdogan

"Qatargate" scandal of corruption in the European Union

Hakan Kamuz may now find himself in trouble after admitting to having links with suspects in the notorious "Qatargate" corruption scandal in the European Union. Hakan Camuz said two of his groups had signed a consultancy contract with a company linked to Francesco Giorgi, an assistant to Pier Antonio Panzeri, a former MEP at the centre of a corruption scandal, which they believed were parliamentary services.