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In what is perceived as a tradition defying move, the White House of Donald Trump has moved portraits of two recent presidents, George W Bush and Bill Clinton from the main hall to a secluded room, CNN has reported.

The report noted that the portraits of both recent presidents were removed from the Grand Foyer of the White House recently. Now, filling those empty walls are portraits of century-old Republican presidents. This defies the White House tradition of displaying the most recent presidents prominently in the entrance of the executive mansion so they are visible to guests during the official visits.

But now, William McKinley, the nation's 25th president, who was assassinated in 1901, hangs in the place of the Bush portrait and Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded McKinley, is seen in place of Clinton's portrait, CNN cited people who have seen the portraits this week.

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Bush, Clinton portraits hang in 'tablecloth' storage room

But the redecoration has taken place within the White House, which places the official portraits of Bush and Clinton to the Old Dining Room, which is described by the paper as a small room rarely used or visited by guests. In fact, the network further elaborated about the room where the portraits hang, saying the space is used primarily for storing 'unused tablecloth and furniture.'

It is reported that the portraits were originally placed well within Trump's vantage point every time he'd descend from his third floor private residence or every time he hosts events not the state floor.

According to former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who said in his book that Trump despised Bush and isn't a fan of Clinton, whose wife Hilary Clinton was also often the target of his ire ever since she contested against him in 2016.