While You Were Sleeping
A poster of upcoming SBS drama While You Were Sleeping.SBS

While You Were Sleeping, the SBS romantic fantasy thriller, successfully completed its 16 episodes run on Thursday, November 16.

The finale began by featuring the courtroom drama between prosecutor Jung Jae Chan and defendant Lee Yoo Beom. During the trial, police officer Han Woo Tak admitted that he cannot really differentiate colours.

Since Han Woo Tak was the key witness in the case, the defendant and his lawyer were happy to hear about his colour blindness. But the police officer quickly informed the prosecutor that he can differentiate colours through shades.

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Han Woo Tak identified the two umbrellas he saw on the rooftop when he went there to rescue news reporter Nam Hong Joo. So, it was not really difficult for the prosecutor to prove the involvement of Lee Yoo Beom in the crime.

In the meantime, detective Choi Dam Dong informed prosecutor Lee Ji Gwang that the defendant is planning to flee abroad right after the trial. With the help of prosecutors Son Woo Joo and Shin Hee Min, Lee Ji Gwang managed to stop the defendant from fleeing abroad.

When Lee Yoo Beom heard abroad the travel ban, he blamed the detective for everything and killed him. Although Jung Jae Chan tried to rescue Choi Dam Dong, he could not do anything to save him.

The prosecutor fought it hard to send the defendant behind bars. He was punished with life imprisonment for manslaughter, manipulations of evidence and scheming.

The finale of While You Were Sleeping also featured a happy reunion of Jung Seung Won and Park So Yoon during the wedding ceremony of prosecutors Lee Ji Gwang and Son Woo Joo.

Prosecutor Jung Jae Chan and news reporter Nam Hong Joo also got married. They helped Han Woo Tak in becoming a successful lawyer.