Congress president Rahul Gandhi's recent family vacation to Goa won him many fans among whom a local dentist, Rachna Fernandes, was one. Bowled over by Rahul's humility when he obliged for a selfie, Rachna took to Instagram to post her picture with the Congress chief.

She captioned it, "Awed by his charm and modesty." She told IANS that Rahul Gandhi is too nice to be in a bad world of politics. Rahul was seen wearing a casual blue shirt and having lunch with his mother Sonia Gandhi on Sunday, January, 27, at the popular Fisherman Wharf restaurant.

The dentist said that the mother-son duo did not have any security guards and that is when she approached Rahul for a selfie. "He said that he will pose for a click when he settles the bill," Rachna said.

Congress goes on a humble brag in awe of Rahul Gandhi 

Congress workers in Odisha also went gaga over his humility and helpful nature when he checked on a cameraperson who fell while shooting the leader's state visit near Bhubaneswar airport. 

While Rahul was being welcomed by party workers during his maiden visit to Odisha after he took over as Congress chief in 2018, a cameraperson suddenly fell while doing his job. Rahul approached him for help which was seen in a viral video.

Rahul's party workers went on a humble brag while posting about the incident online.

There has been a marked difference in Rahul Gandhi's body language since he took over the reins of Congress from his mother last year especially towards the rival camp, BJP, and his major opponent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In July 2018, Rahul's unexpected embrace of PM Modi after a heated debate in the Parliament made a political statement and in fact, stole the limelight from BJP and its leaders.

Rahul winked at his colleagues soon after hugging PM Modi, which made the hugging exercise look a bit dramatic, but nevertheless, he stole the thunder from the PM and grabbed the headlines.

Congress often compared Rahul's humility to the arrogance of his rivals, which the experts opine has helped shape a new narrative of combating hate politics with compassion.

But, will Rahul Gandhi's new-age subtle and gentlemanlike behaviour help him trump the good old fierce politics led by PM Modi in the Lok Sabha elections? Only time will tell.