October brings a bountiful harvest of delights to the world of K-Dramas, and it's the women who are taking the lead in the autumnal K-drama universe. With stories ranging from uproarious romantic comedies to fantastical thrillers, this season offers a delightful array of tales to accompany you as the days grow crisper and the nights cooler.

Strong Woman Nam Soon

This series, a spin-off from the 2017 hit drama "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon," follows Gang Nam Soon (played by Lee Yoo Mi), a distant cousin of Bong Soon, who has inherited remarkable super strength from her mother. As she returns to Korea in search of her mother, she inadvertently gets embroiled in a series of drug-related crimes connected to the wealthy. Ong Seong Wu, a former member of Wanna One, portrays detective Gang Hee Sik, who starts investigating these extraordinary women. The question looms: Can this show live up to its esteemed predecessor? "Strong Woman Nam Soon" premieres on Netflix on October 7.

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A Good Day To Be A Dog

You might have heard of the frog that turns into a prince when kissed, but have you ever encountered someone who transforms into a dog every time they share a kiss? In this romantic fantasy drama, Cha Eun Woo from Astro and Park Gyu Young star in "A Good Day To Be A Dog." Adapted from a webtoon, this story revolves around Han Hae Na (played by Park Gyu Young), who suffers from a peculiar curse that metamorphoses her into a dog with each kiss. The catch? The only one who can break this spell is Seo Won (played by Cha Eun Woo), who, ironically, has a fear of dogs. Get ready for this unique romantic comedy as "A Good Day To Be A Dog" premieres on October 11 on Netflix.


"Doona" centers on Doona (portrayed by Bae Suzy), a highly renowned K-pop idol who abruptly announces her retirement. She retreats from the city to seek a quieter life and ends up sharing a house with a warm-hearted university student, Lee Won Joon (played by Yang Se Jong). As Doona finds herself increasingly reliant on Won Joon, their bond deepens, leading them to realize they're falling for each other. But can a celebrity truly adjust to an ordinary life? "Doona" will make its debut on Netflix on October 20.

Castaway Diva

Park Eun Bin returns as Mok Ha, an aspiring singer. Yet, when she embarks on an audition in middle school, her journey takes a surprising turn, leaving her stranded on a deserted island in Seoul. Fifteen years later, Mok Ha is rescued from her solitary life on the island but struggles to adapt to the normal world. Can she find the strength to pursue her dream once more? The enchanting "Castaway Diva" makes its premiere on Netflix on October 21.

Moon In The Day

Prepare for a supernatural journey in "Moon In The Day." The vengeful spirit of Do Ha, a nobleman from the Silla dynasty who was betrayed by his wife, finds refuge in the body of superstar Han Joon Oh (portrayed by Kim Young Dae) after a near-fatal accident. Joon Oh's savior, firefighter Kang Young Hwa (played by Pyo Ye Jin), becomes his protector. However, a plot twist emerges as Young Hwa is revealed to be the target of Do Ha's revenge, as she is the reincarnation of the wife who once wronged him. The mysterious "Moon In The Day" premieres on Viki on October 25.

The Matchmaker

This enchanting tale introduces Shim Jung Woo (Rowoon), a scholar mourning the loss of his lover, a princess. His path unexpectedly crosses with Jung Soo Deok (played by Cho Yi Hyun), a widow who leads a double life as Yeo Joo, a renowned matchmaker. In an unexpected twist, the two dedicated matchmakers find themselves paired with each other, leading to delightful sparks as they realize their own compatibility. Don't miss "The Matchmaker."