There's only one more episode until the season finale, but "Empire" has raised several complications in its plot, especially concerning Hakeem and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). This week's episode will be about sibling rivalry and the difficult love life that Cookie is forced to face.

Season 2, episode 9 titled "Sinned Against" will depict Cookie and her acid-tongued older sister Candace. The two will devise a plan to rescue their other sibling, Carol, who, for reasons unknown, is on the run. Cookie and her elder sister have not gotten along in the past few episodes. However, we could except a temporary change of heart as they venture on their journey to find Carol.

This week's episode will capture Cookie's dilemma. She learns that her new boyfriend, Laz (Adam Rodriguez) is involved with the same gang that kidnapped Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray). It remains to be seen if she confronts him after learning the truth about Hakeem's kidnapping.

Meanwhile, her son, Hakeem himself will be forced to confront a trying situation with Anika (Grace Gealey). In the promo for the upcoming episode, Anika tries to make Hakeem admit his love for her. However, he looks positively befuddled when she says, "Stop fighting it Hakeem. You know you love me."

Season 2 episode 9's official synopsis reads:

Cookie and her sister, Candace (guest star Vivica A. Fox), team up with a former prison mate (guest star Rosie O'Donnell) to rescue their sister, Carol. Back at Empire, Jamal and critically acclaimed pop star Skye Summers (guest star Alicia Keys) begin collaborating and soon share a deep connection. Meanwhile, Laz has truly fallen for Cookie, but things get complicated when she finds out the truth about him in the all-new Sinned Against episode of Empire.

"Empire" season 2 episode 9 titled "Sinned Against" airs on Wednesday, 25 November at 9pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode via FOX NOW.