South Korean actor Lee Jong-soo
South Korean actor Lee Jong-sooSBS Running Man (YouTube)

The 41-year-old actor's whereabouts have not been known for weeks. His agency Kook Entertainment and family are trying to contact him but in vain, according to The Korea Times. The report said the actor's family was considering filing a missing complaint with the police. 

Lee Jong-soo was last seen March 15 on a US-bound plane and is somewhere in the United States, according to the South Korean publication. However, family and friends of the actor are concerned as it's been weeks since they last had contact with him and nobody knows his whereabouts.

The actor went missing days after he was accused of fraud by his friends.

According to reports, an acquaintance of the actor had filed a lawsuit against him last month, accusing him of fraud. The actor was supposed to host a wedding of the plaintiff's friend but didn't show up on the big day after taking payment, thus hurting the bride and the groom.

However, News 1 has reported that the person who sued Lee Jong-soo retracted the lawsuit after reaching an agreement with his family members. He went on to say that he was worried about the actor as his family had lost contact with him.