South Korean actress Han Chae-ah
South Korean actress Han Chae-ahHan Chae-ah (Instagram)

South Korean actress Han Chae-ah is expecting her first child.

The 36-year-old actress has announced that she is six-weeks pregnant. She made her pregnancy public just weeks after revealing that she would marry Cha Se-jji, who is the youngest son of Korean football legend Cha Bum-kun, in May.

"Another gift of life has come to me at this happy time. I'm six weeks pregnant," announced Han Chae-ah in an Instagram post.

The actress said that she felt blessed as a new life has come along while preparing for her wedding. She added that she needs to take extra care at this stage of pregnancy but decided to share the happy news with those who have been supporting her.

Han Chae-ah, who is known for her roles in television dramas Hero and Bridal Mask, announced in March that she would marry Cha Se-jji, 33.

The wedding is scheduled to take place on May 6, but nothing much has been heard about the preparation, location and other details. It is expected to be a secret ceremony with select guests, as Han Chae-ah's fiance is not a public figure.

It may be mentioned that another Korean actress Choi Ji Woo tied the knot with a mystery man, being described as a "non-celebrity," at a secret wedding ceremony late last month. The Winter Sonata actress said in a letter to her fans that she decided to keep her marriage a secret, as she didn't want to burden her husband's family.