Naga Babu
Konidela Nagendra Babu.Instagram

It is quite shocking and unexpected that Jabardasth Comedy Show, which has been one of the most-watched shows on Telugu television, is likely to come to an end soon. The show, which began in February 2013, is going to put a full stop to its journey.

This show has provided a living to many struggling artists who have tried to make it big in the small screen industry. While it used be telecast on Thursday only, the show is being aired on Friday also since the last couple of years. It is a stress buster to many of the audience members.

The adult content of the show - two hot anchors, popular judges, satires, special shows and a lot more - has attracted the audience towards it.

Since a few days, there have been a lot of rumours that the judges and artists have quit the show as there have been a lot of issues behind the scenes. One rumour that has turned out to be true is about Naga Babu quitting the show. The actor has confirmed it.

Naga Babu
Naga Babu.Screenshot from YouTube

One of the key artistes of the Jabardasth, who does not wish to be named, said, "I feel the show has lost its liveliness. Number of artistes keep coming and going and only very few people have been constant. Also, disputes about payments and hikes have been an issue since a long time. So artistes who have got better offers through this show, have quit. Rest of them have been loyal to Mallemala Entertainments."

According to reports, the director of the show chose to walk out of the project as he has not received a hike even after the show has been seeing huge profits in recent times. Reports claim that he has got a better offer from another television channel.

We have to wait for an official confirmation from the makers and see where this is going to head.