Naga Babu
Naga Babu.Screenshot from YouTube

Naga Babu has taken the throne as judge of comedy show Jabardasth in February 2013. Since then till now he has been the judge of the show, but not anymore. The actor has made it official that he quit the show, and has revealed the reasons behind doing so. In a latest video that she shared on his YouTube channel, Naga Babu said that he won't be seen in the upcoming episodes of the show.

There have been a lot of rumours that the actor has decided to do so because he is unhappy with the remuneration he is receiving and that a hike has been rejected. Rubbishing these rumours, the actor said that 'ideological differences with respect to the business', has led to his exit from the show.

He said, "A lot of speculations are rife on my exit. Instead of giving a chance to all those, I thought I must talk and clear this issue out. In those days when I was suffering due to financial issues, being part of Jabardasth helped me a lot. But always things cannot be bound to money. After a certain while, we emotionally get bound to things and people around us. I am emotionally attached to Jabardasth. I did not quit the show for money."

Anasuya Bharadwaj from Jabrdasth Comedy Show.Twitter

Reason behind exit

The actor further added that he decided to quit the show himself because that would be better doing it now and before the show itself comes to an end. Also, in this video, Naga Babu said that soon, he will share another video soon where he will reveal the reasons behind the exit in detail.

News that Naga Babu will be quitting the show have been doing rounds since a long time, and finally, the actor has made it official. Also, it is expected that Roja might also quit the show because her best friend Naga Babu won't be present on the show anymore. The duo has always said that they cannot do the show without each other.

So next week's episodes of Naga Babu will be the last ones.