Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya
Divyanka Tripathi DahiyaDivyanka Tripathi Dahiya/Instagram

"Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" actress Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita Bhalla shocked her fans on Friday when she posted a blank picture on Instagram saying her house was being raided. While her followers panicked, the star had some harmless fun at their expense.

Later, Divyanka revealed her refrigerator was being 'raided' by her fitness instructor.

"Shocking Food #Raid by my instructor. Food ruthlessly thrown out. #NoMoreJunk (Hd to end the suspense soon...couldn't see ppl getting worried...) Was having fun though (sic)," she posted on the photo-sharing website.

A few weeks ago, she shared a photo with the instructor writing how she was 'killing it' at her work-out sessions.

In other news, the actress is quite thrilled with her show completing 500 episodes.

"I am very glad that our show has completed 500 episodes and I want to be a part of this show for many more years. Viewers have showered lots of blessings upon us and we promise to entertain them in the coming days too," she told Daily Bhaskar.

"YHM" may have managed decent TRP ratings, but the fans of the show aren't too pleased with the surrogacy track. Calling the show a big joke, they took to Twitter to express their immense resentment over the unnecessary twists.