Kapil Sharma and his team have always managed to leave the audience in splits on The Kapil Sharma Show 2. Such is its popularity that almost every celebrity from the film industry has appeared on the show to promote their films.

One such episode from the first season of The Kapil Sharma Show was graced by music maestro A R Rahman. While the episode received humongous viewership thanks to Rahman's crazy followers who wanted to watch him having fun on the television show, there were reports that a lot of footage had to be edited as the team apparently had miffed Rahman by making him uncomfortable with certain acts.

A.R. Rahman on Kapil Sharma Show
A.R. Rahman on The Kapil Sharma ShowVarinder Chawla

Ali Asgar's seduction act

Rumour had it that Ali Asgar's seduction act as a Lucknowi Begum didn't go down well with Rahman. Apparently, Ali's character crossed limits when Begum's act started by getting a bit too close to the music star.

Ali as Begum has been seen seducing, flirting and lip-biting when male celebrities appear on the show and thus, he did the same when Rahman appeared. But the music maestro, known as the Mozart of Madras, is a shy person and he apparently warned Ali by saying, "No touching!"

"The manner in which the interview was conducted was not proper for an artiste of Rahman's dignity. You can fool around with the 'Great Grand Masti' team. But you can't apply the same humour to Rahman. As a host Kapil Sharma had not even done his basic homework. He said 'Rangeela' was Rahman's first composition and that he had scored music in all of Ashutosh Gowariker's films. Both are misrepresentations of facts. It was insulting to see Ali Asgar do his drag act on Rahman. It is doubtful we'll get to see Rahman on another television show in the near future," SKJ Bollywood News had quoted Rahman's friend as saying.

However, Ali defended his act and said that Rahman had fun on the show. "I agree there is a difference between Rahman and other guests. But he was just uncomfortable with anyone touching him. Otherwise, he enjoyed himself. A lot of the footage was edited. This Begum is an incorrigible flirt. She flirts with everyone. And the bigger the celebrity the more flirtatious she gets," Ali had said.

AR Rahman
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