Deepika Padukone's sweet gesture during the promotion of her latest release "Tamasha" surprised several present at the event. In a rare ocurrence, a celebrity was seen tying a journalist's shoelace.

Deepika was recently in Chandigarh along with co-star Ranbir Kapoor and director Imtiaz Ali for the promotion of "Tamasha".

The actress surprised many when she kneeled down to tie the shoelaces of a journalist. During the interview, Deepika spotted the journalist with her untied and loose shoelaces. She thought the reporter might trip because of the untied laces, and thus, during the interview, she quietly kneeled down and tied her laces tight.

This gesture surprised the reporter, who thanked Deepika till the end of the event. And in return, Deepika hugged the reporter and started talking about the city, and the delicious food Chandigarh offers.

Meanwhile, her film "Tamasha" has garnered appreciation from celebrities and across audiences. The film also received a mixed response from the critics upon its release. Ranbir and Deepika's performances are one of the talking points, and the actress continues to thank people.

The team also organised a success party this week, which was attended by celebrities.

However, at the box office, the film had a disappointing first week. "Tamasha" earned more than Rs 53 crore in its first week run at the domestic box office.

When contacted, her spokesperson confirmed the news.