Sunny Leone
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Sunny Leone, the charming Bollywood starlet made her debut in Indian cinema in 2012 with the movie 'Jism 2'. Later, she appeared in some noted films that include 'Ragini MMS 2', 'Hate Story 2', and 'Ek Paheli Leela'. As Leone reached the peak of her stardom, an interview given to a journalist named Bhupendra Choubey apparently pulled her to a state of mental trauma.

Is Sunny Leone a victim of Indians' pseudo-moral policing attitude?

During the interview, Chaubhey asked whether he will become morally corrupt if he talks to Sunny Leone. With these comments, Chaubhey was referring to Leone's career as a porn star. However, Leone faced all questions with grace and answered each of Chaubhey's queries with confidence.

Later, Sunny Leone exclusively talked to the Huffington Post, and shared the mental trauma she faced during and after the interview.

"I am not the kind of person who would walk away from an interview. But having said that, I felt what was happening was not right at all. And I felt completely alone... and no one was helping me out. I felt upset because I never imagined this is what I may have to face," said Leone.

Did Bollywood isolated Sunny Leone?

Leone also added that Bollywood personalities were hesitant to talk with her in the initial days of her entry. However, the actress made it clear that she has no complaints towards anyone regarding this behavior.

"In the beginning it was difficult. When I first came here, nobody would even talk to me. But I don't blame them for it. Slowly, things changed and people started taking note of me," added Leone.

Leone also requested media people not to typecast her in glamorous roles. She made it clear that getting offers are not in her hands, and it is filmmakers who decide the roles that she should play.