Sunny Deol is known for his short temper. However, nobody knew how far he could take it. Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor have acted in a few films together. During the shooting on one of the films, Sunny lost his cool on Anil Kapoor and almost strangled Anil Kapoor completely unprovoked. 

Sunny Deol nearly strangled Anil Kapoor in his temper

Sunny Deol and Anil Kapoor haven't been in too many films together. That may also be because of the history they share. Sunny Deol was known to be a short-tempered person, but Anil Kapoor got to witness it firsthand when Sunny's anger was directed at him. His temper is the reason many actors feared working alongside Sunny Deol.

Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol
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It goes back to when Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol acted in Joshilaay together with Sridevi in 1989. In the credits of the film, Anil Kapoor's name appeared before Sunny's. This hurt the actor's ego, and he was quite upset over it. His anger over the matter reached the media. Shekhar Kapur who was directing the film then managed to console him and calmed him down. 

That very year, the two Bollywood actors were signed for another film where they were working together. The film Ram Avatar had a similar star cast, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol in the lead. Sunny Deol didn't speak to Anil Kapoor on the shoot and avoided his co-star. 

Sunny Deol
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The film included a fight scene between the two actors' characters. In it, the script required Sunny Deol had to act and simply hold Anil Kapoor's neck. However, Sunny lost his temper and went full throttle and gripped Anil's neck, he even started strangling him. Anil Kapoor was turning breathless under the impact. Despite the director calling cut, Sunny wasn't letting go of Anil Kapoor. This frightened the director and crew who rushed to save Anil Kapoor. 

After the incident, Anil Kapoor was frightened and he even spoke about it to the media. His speaking about it disappointed Sunny Deol. We can suppose it's done and dusted now.