Plagiarism is not new or a big deal anymore. It can also be an honest mistake at times. However, what if you get caught numerous times? 

Urvashi Rautela got caught for plagiarism, again. The actress clearly doesn't learn from her mistakes and Twitter isn't letting it go this time. Her comments on Parasite became a talking point for netizens who were outraged by the sheer lack of credibility or knowledge of the actress. 

Urvashi Rautela
@urvashirautela on Instagram

Urvashi Rautela plagiarized another tweet

Everybody finds it hard to think of something to write in their posts online. Every once in a while you may also pick a line or a quote, and paraphrase it to boost your tweet. Still, you would not pick an entire tweet and copy-paste it as your own. Maybe because you're afraid of being found out and because it's just bad taste. So when somebody makes a habit of it, what do you do? Let's make it worse, what if it's someone in the public eye?

Urvashi Rautela has become a serial plagiarist with her social media content. Netizens though, aren't having it anymore. She recently wrote about Parasite on her feed, "one thing I really love about @ParasiteMovie is that rather than depict the fam as scammers pretending to be good at their jobs, they actually do their jobs flawlessly! what they lack isn't skill, but institutional stamps of approval & the bows and ribbons that rich people love."

It didn't occur to the Bollywood actress to perhaps change the punctuation either. This really ticked Twitter off. Moreover, the owner of the tweet came across it and was bemused as the actress' gall. They put both the tweets beside each other to point out the actress' crime.

The original owner of the tweet is not letting it go and has been bashing the star brutally, going so far as to call her a 'D list actress'.




Urvashi Rautela's trach record of plagiarism

What makes it an ever bigger facepalm is the fact that Urvashi Rautela is known for her plagiarism blunders. Not just once but twice. These are no small jobs, she has plagiarised from big names such as PM Narendra Modi and supermodel Gigi Hadid. Clearly, the actress is a professional.

The last time she was found out was when Shabana Azmi suffered an accident. The actress had tweeted then and copied word for word, Narendra Modi's tweet. 

The other time she did it was in 2018, when she plagiarised Gigi Hadid's caption on an Instagram post with no inhibition.

The actress seems to have made a habit of it, and that's a worrying sign. Urvashi deleted the tweet on Parasite following the controversy.