Late Telugu actor Uday Kiran's sister Sridevi had denied claims that financial issues were the reason for him committing suicide. She said that he had three lands and 4 kgs gold and 100 kgs of silver given by his mother.

Uday Kiran committed suicide in 2014 two years after he married Vishitha. Some speculations were made about the reason for his death. One of those reasons was that he did not have film offers due to which he was under depression. He was also facing financial problems, which apparently forced him to take extreme.

Uday Kiran's sister Sridevi
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But Uday Kiran's sister Sridevi, who is settled in muscat, had denied this claim in an interview given to Telugu YouTube channel three years after his death. She had said, "He didn't have financial problem. He had three properties located at prime areas and they were worth of huge amount. He also had huge amount of gold given by his mother. He did not any financial issue for his livelihood."

Sridevi had said that like everyone she too had the same doubt and question about Uday Kiran's death. She had also revealed that his wife Vishitha had lost contact his family members after he died. She had taken all his property and gold. She had added that her son wanted to keep a PSE in memory of the actor, but Vishitha didn't give it, saying that she would send it to him later through courier.

Uday Kiran
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Uday Kiran's sister had said, "These incidents gave me doubt. If he was alive he would have never said no. He had three property and mother's gold. I had once told him jokingly that I didn't want any share in them. You keep with yourself and use them the way you want. My mother had a lot of gold and I let him keep everything with him."

When asked about the amount of gold, Sridevi had said, "She had nearly four kgs of gold and she had countless amount of silver. She had minimum of 80 to 100 Kgs of silver. My mother had saved a lot money through which she collected coins. All these stuffs were with my brother and I don't a single stuff kept with me in memory of my mother."