Shah Rukh Khan with Aryan, Suhana
Shah Rukh Khan with Aryan, SuhanaTwitter/@iamsrk

The 90s was a different time altogether. Celebrities were not that approachable, we couldn't see and hear their viewpoint just at the click of a button and there was no social media to follow our favourite celebrities round the clock. At such times, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, became the show people used to wait to watch every week. Not only could we see celebs shed their inhibitions and talk about the things that matter to them, but, also face confrontational questions and controversies head-on.

While few celebs showed us a totally different personality trait, there were many who confessed to a lot of unimaginable things. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan's rendezvous with Simi was something that garnered a lot of attention. The duo not only showed us how much they love each other but also talked about their aspirations for their children.

However, in that spur-of-the-moment, freewheeling chat, Shah Rukh did seem to get a bit carried away. Talking about his eldest son, Aryan Khan, in a funny banter, SRK revealed some weird parenting goals, which we are sure he would have never said in today's times.

When Simi Garewal asked him about his hopes and dreams for Aryan, Shah Rukh said, "When he is three, he can smoke, do drugs, have sex. He'll be a completely spoilt brat. If he's a good boy, he's out of the house. I want complaints for my co-workers who have daughters."


That was quite a statement, wasn't it?

Well, Shah Rukh wasn't the only one who went slightly overboard on the show. There were many other celebs too who said things on the show which they must have regretted later. While Akshay Khanna expressed his desire to date Jayalalithaa, Arjun Rampal said he found his mother 'irresistible'.