Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan had once confessed that he steals chocolate, tooth brush and soaps from the hotel room. But he speaks in the air to decrease his guilty feeling while leaving the hotel.

Along with Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan appeared on Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid Khan's TV show Yaaron Ki Baraat in August 2018. The Bollywood superstar was supposed to say yes or no to the questions asked by the host in the small segment called Kabhi Han Khabhi Na,  which was the part of the show. 

Both the actors were asked whether they had stolen anything from a shop after they became stars. The answer of the both was 'No'. Both said that they had never stolen anything even before they became stars. Shah Rukh Khan said jovially, "We did come to the film industry to become thieves." Responding to him, Anushka Shetty said, "What do you mean? We will start stealing after becoming stars."

When asked about demanding a discount, Shah Rukh Khan said no and Anushka Sharma said yes. Recalling an incident, she said, "There will be a lot of Bangladeshi shopkeepers in Camden Town, London. One of them recognised me, when I was there with my friends and asked for a photo. A lot of bargaining takes place there and I told him I will pose with you for a photograph if you give me at this price."

SRK confesses stealing chocolates from hotels

Shahrukh Khan

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan confessed of stealing some things from the hotel room. He said, "Even I had tried it once like this, but the person declined my offer. But I lift a couple of things like a toothbrush, shower cap, small soaps and chocolates. They keep chocolates in big hotels. Though I pay for them, I feel that I have got them free. Hence, it feels very good at lifting them."

The superstar added, "When I am going out of the room, there will be people waiting to take a picture with me. I speak in the air to decrease my guilty consciousness. I tell them that I have taken a couple of things. But I have never stolen things like a pillow and bathrobe."