Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun ChakrabortyVarinder Chawla

Magazine reporting on film stars was on a scandalous level during the 90s, and among many others, Mithun Chakraborty was once a victim of one such extremely outrageous news piece.

A magazine had once reported that Mithun was diagnosed with AIDS. In an old interview, the actor had himself said that a magazine reporter once wrote that Mithun was diagnosed with AIDS.

The senior actor was highly miffed with the report and had expressed his annoyance during the interview.

This is how Mithun had reacted

"First they print it, and then they come to us asking what we have to say about it. What would I say? You have written I have got AIDS. Whom do I say? What do I say? How would I prove? I should now run around proving that I don't have AIDS. If even one out of 100 people believe in this news, what would be my social status? Because of such kind of journalism, we don't have any status today. Film actors find it difficult to get homes, their children face difficulty in getting school admissions," an angry Mithun had said during the interview.

Mithun Chakraborty
In picture: Mithun ChakrabortyVarinder Chawla

The magazines were banned

The actor had also said that the Cine Artists Association had then decided not to cooperate with certain six magazines that were known for making such scandalous fake reports. Well, such fake and defamatory reporting is indeed shocking to see.

Meanwhile, Mithun's younger son, Namashi was reportedly supposed to make his debut with a film titled Bad Boy.