When Salman Khan Served Drinks to Shah Rukh at Arpita's Sangeet Ceremony!
When Salman Khan Served Drinks to Shah Rukh at Arpita's Sangeet Ceremony!https://www.facebook.com/KHANARPITA

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan reportedly turned bartender for his friend Shah Rukh Khan and personally served him drinks at sister Arpita's Sangeet ceremony at Galaxy Apartments on 16 November.

It was reported that Salman Khan had not invited Shah Rukh for the Sangeet ceremony; it was his sister Arpita, who had secretly invited SRK to the function. Sallu was surprised to see Shah Rukh walk into his apartments and received estranged friend and "Happy New Year" star with excitement.

Salman reportedly gave Shah Rukh a warm hug as he received the latter. "When SRK arrived at the cocktail party last night, Salman was extremely surprised. He rushed to receive Shah Rukh and gave him a long tight hug. The moment was so emotional that the entire family clapped and cheered for the duo," Daily Bhaskar quoted a source as saying.

The "Kick" star was so kicked by Shah Rukh's presence at the cocktail party that he took upon himself to personally attend to the latter. "He looked into what was being served to Shah Rukh. He even turned bartender and made a special drink for him," an onlooker told Daily Bhaskar.

Arpita Khan reportedly gave very emotional reply when Shah Rukh asked what wedding gift she would like from him. She requested him to be friends with her brother Salman once again. "Without batting an eyelid, she said 'mujhe aap aur bhaijaan phir se ek saath chahiye'," told an insider.

Arpita later posted a photo (above) taken at the Sangeet ceremony on her Facebook page in which Salman and Shah Rukh were kissing her on her forehead. The photo went viral on the social media. Fans of both the superstars seemed to be very impressed at this turn of events that seems to have ended the 'Khan war'.