Ramadan 2020 is coming at a challenging time of coronavirus pandemic. Unlike previous years, Muslims around the world must follow new norms and habits while maintaining physical distancing. While Saudi Arabia and other countries in the west are observing the first fast of the holy month of Ramadan on Friday, April 24, here's when the fasting will commence in different parts of India.

Ramadan (Ramzan) in Maharashtra

Ramadan, like any other Islamic calendar, follows the lunar cycle, which means the sighting of the moon will confirm the beginning of the holy month. In the state of Maharashtra, the moon is expected to be sighted on Friday, confirming the first fast of the month of Ramadan on Saturday.

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Other states

According to ANI, Ramadan is to be observed in Kerala and Karnataka after the moon was sighted in Kappad in Kozhikode and Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts on Thursday evening. Since Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycles, sighting of the moon confirms that Ramadan will begin in these two states, and in India by extension, on Friday, April 24. But there hasn't been any confirmation by the Hilal Committee, which suggests the majority states in India will observe Ramadan's first fast on Saturday, April 25.