Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Sharma
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Today, Kapil Sharma is undoubtedly a household name but who have thought that a young man from Punjab would be ruling heats and interviewing every possible celebrity on national television. The king of comedy has for years now, made sure that he owns people's TV sets each weekend with a new script and masala. Although, there are times that the comedian miffs actors, although not intentionally, but with his upfront jokes directed at them.

It was during the 'The Kapil Sharma Show's first episode four years ago in 2016 that Kapil called superstar Shah Rukh Khan for the special episode in Delhi. While the comedian has an impeccable comic timing, SRK too isn't behind in throwing witty remarks. He was describing how he got bashed by some boys in the national capital during his school days when he was out with his then "girlfriend".

SRK recalls getting beaten for a girl

"I was out with my girlfriend. 'Girlfriend qa thi ese hi thi sath me ghum rhi thi bechari'", he said. "Then one of the boys there stopped me and asked 'who is she?' Since, I was from Columba's, I said 'she is my girlfriend' and he said, 'girlfriend nhi hai teri, bhabhi hai!'" SRK recalled.

And soon the discussion turned into a brawl and since then, SRK has never ever addressed Gauri as his wife, he joked. The audience burst into laughter and Kapil then interrupted saying that "now times have changed but these things weren't possible in those times."

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK's outurst at Kapil

Taking offence of "those times", SRK chipped in! "Ye zamana zamana kya kar raha hai tu. Me Babur, Akbar ke sath nahi ayah u, zamana zamana kare jaa raha hai tu yar," he exclaimed.

"Bolna kya chah raha hai tu yaar, Dilli mein panga mat lio mujhse bata raha hoon," he said with a laughter in the end. Even though Shah Rukh maintained a serious expression all through this, but ended with a smile seeing the audience laughing at his outburst.

SRK's prank at Kapil's co-member

The king of hearts has proved it many a times that he is an even greater king of comedy too. He had earlier too played a similar prank on the show. Shah Rukh yelled at Chandan Prabhakar for imitating him on the show. At first King Khan was seen enjoying Chandan's act but gradually started to get irked and finally lost his cool. Fortunately for Chandan, it turned out that SRK had played a prank on him and the mastermind behind it was Kapil himself.

Kapil Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan
Varinder Chawla

Chandan was shaken to the core and was seen bursting into tears even after SRK revealed that it was a prank. The superstar was also seen hugging and calming a terrified Chandan down. Kapil along with Farah Khan and Abhishek Bachchan, who came to promote the film with SRK, was also part of the prank. Before Shah Rukh, Amitabh Bachchan had played a similar prank on Chandan pretending to get offended for speaking to him disrespectfully.