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Kerala couple Amarnath and Safna got married on the campus of Maharaja's College in ErnakulamFacebook

Though it is said marriages are made in heaven, in India, they should also pass through caste and religion filters. In a country as diverse as India, inter-caste and inter-religious weddings often spark outrage.

Now in Kerala, in the wake of love jihad controversies, a couple belonging to two different religions has recently made headlines for tying the knot with the support of their family members.

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The wedding became quite a unique affair because of the venue they picked up for their big day.

On December 2, 2017, Maharaja's College campus in Ernakulam hosted the wedding of Chottanikara-native Amarnath (23) and Safna (22), who hails from Fort Kochi. The low-key affair was attended by the friends and families of the couple with the permission of the college authorities.

The ceremony was held at 8:30 am in front of the Malayalam department of the institution, where the duo met, studied and fell in love five years ago. The couple had also hosted a simple reception for the teachers and other guests in the evening.

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Though the groom, who was the arts club secretary of the college union in 2012, wished to have a very simple marriage without any rituals, it was Safna, who wanted a thaalikettu ceremony for the marriage.

Soon after the photos of the newly-wedded couple surfaced online, netizens have been congratulating them for the decision while a section of people criticised Hadiya aka Akhila over the alleged love hijad case in the state.

Here are the wedding photos and videos of the Kerala couple: