Drunken mistakes and messages are common phenomena. When it's by a public figure, sometimes it can be hilarious. Still, public figures and famous personalities don't get the liberty to make these mistakes, especially when they address the Prime Minister of India. It's hard to recover from something like that.

Kapil Sharma had the misfortune of making one such mistake when a few years back when he tweeted directly to the Prime Minister of the country. In his tweet, he criticised the PM and the BMC. The tweet didn't go unnoticed and landed the actor in an awkward situation.

Kapil Sharma
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Kapil Sharma's midnight tweet to the PM

Not even in their drunkest of states would anybody make the mistake of tagging the Prime Minister in an unfiltered tweet. It's rather impossible to make such a mistake. One of the few people who landed themselves in this tight spot and survived it, relatively well is Kapil Sharma.

The comedian may have a sense of humour, but he too like every human being has moments of sheer anger against the unjust system. Unfortunately, his mental breakdown, became a public spectacle when the actor tagged the tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016. 

In the early morning one fine day, Kapil Sharma tweeted about the unfairness of the system, "I am paying 15 cr income tax from last 5 years and still I have to pay 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for making my office." If that wasn't enough the comedian took a dig at the Prime Minister's popular slogan, asking him if this was his idea of 'acche din' or 'better days'. 

Kapil Sharma tweet
Kapil Sharma tweet

What was shocking to his fans wasn't the amount of tax the actor paid to the government, but the fact that he boldly addressed the PM. Being a public figure, he didn't realise his tweet like the general public wouldn't be limited to friends and family, and he was addressing a fan base. Of course, it became a whole event that the comedian never really escape the embarrassment of. 

In a chat with Arbaaz Khan, he said, for anybody to do that, he would either have to be depressed or drunk. We can't say which Kapil was at that moment, but it was a facepalm moment. For once the joke was on him, and he didn't even get to have the last laugh.