Hrithik Roshan is without any doubts one of the most handsome actors of Bollywood. Every other girl in this country must be having a crush on this greek god. Hrithik, who is fondly known as Duggu has been generating buzz not only for his acting skills but also for his sexy looks. He has the ability to swoon everyone with his charm and terrific performance in his films. Being a good looking actor, terrific dancer and an A-list actor in Bollywood for Duggu meant he has to deal with link-ups with almost all the co-stars. Be it Kareena Kapoor or Kangana Ranaut, the Agneepath fame Hrithik have been said to be allegedly involved with many of his co-stars. But till 2013, Hrithik always had a back of his strong married life with Sussanne Khan to claim that he is happily married to a beautiful woman and is not involved with anyone else.

Hrithik and Barbara Mori's secret love story

Things went south when Barbara Mori came into Hrithik and Sussanne's paradise. It was 2010 when while shooting for the movie Kites, both Hrithik and Mexican beauty Barbara came closer. This was one of the major flings with strong hook-up rumours doing the rounds on the internet and media. Their on-screen chemistry was converted to a real-life romance which affected the Hrithik and Sussanne's relationship. Their physical closeness and on-screen romance really bothered Sussanne. As per the sources, due to the increased closeness between Duggu and his co-star, made Sussanne so upset that she left the Roshan's house and went to live with her parents.

Hrithik and Barbara

Duggu mesmerised by Mexican beauty

barbara and hrithik

Hrithik has always gone on records to say that Barbara is only a good friend for him but their closeness depicted a different story. While shooting for Kites in 2010, as Barbara was new to Bollywood, Hrithik did everything to make her feel like home. As per the sources, to make her feel at ease and to generate a favourable work environment for Mori, the actor gifted her lavish vanity van. The van allegedly cost around 1.5 to 2 crores. Barbara used to travel only through that van and the actress was really impressed by Duggu's gesture.

sussane and barbara

Although back in the days, when Sussanne opened up about Duggu's and Barbara's affair, she rubbished all the allegations. She said in an interview, "Rubbish. Everything is fine. But yes, Hrithik and I are very upset with the story of our so-called split. Nobody can break my marriage with Hrithik. We are together. Our relationship is very strong." When Super 30 actor was asked about his link-ups with Mori he said, "Why should it bother me? I'm a happy man with a happy family. And Barbara is a great friend. There is no need to react."

sussane and hrithik

Hrithik and Sussanne divorce and life after that

But in 2013, the news of the split of this much-in-love couple broke millions of heart. Several reasons have been speculated for their split and one of them was the closeness with actress Barbara Mori. Duggu and Sussanne have two beautiful sons together and the duo can be often seen together with their sons, even after the divorce. Though their divorce came as a shock to many, their cordial relationship for a healthy upbringing of their sons is commendable. When Hrithik and Sussanne were asked whether they would ever think of reconciling, they both denied. Even after the whole relationship fiasco, both Duggu and Sussanne consider each other as good friends.

Hrithik roshan and kids

Hrithik was last seen in War with Tiger Shroff and Vani Kapoor in 2019. The movie was produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films.