GTA 5 was not always on the PC. When the game initially came around, it was released for next gen consoles such as Xbox One and PS4. However, a PC version of the game was always on the cards, and no sooner did the game land on PC, it was followed by a barrage of mods that offered a host of features that added to the overall fun.

As of now, the PC version of the game has been treated to a number of such mods, including a grappling gun, gravity gun, the Cristiano Ronaldo mod, an underwater mod and more. It seems like there's a brand new mod that's bringing the Mass Effect-based Reapers to Los Santos.

A modder by the name of JJxOracle has created and released a new mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 that brings iconic Mass Effect-based stuff into the game, and in this case, Mass Effect's gargantuan Reapers. JJxOracle has replaced the in-game blimps that fly around the city in GTA 5 with the Reapers, making the Los Santos skies creepier than ever before.

That being said, note that the Reaper mod for GTA 5 still isn't perfect as of yet. As of now, there are a few bugs that are causing the Reapers to mysteriously disappear, while another burning issue is that Reapers' lack collision detection.

However, JJxOracle is indeed planning on incorporating collision detection into the mod at some point in the future, aside a list of other changes and additions to the overall mod. As of now, though, the mod is still in its beta stage.

But whatever may that be, the mod itself looks pretty impressive, and should entertain both Mass Effect and GTA fans.

Will you be incorporating the Mass Effect Reaper mod into your GTA 5 PC install? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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