We don't need numbers to show exactly how popular Rockstar's GTA series has been. However, in this day and age, claims won't mean much if you don't have solid numbers to back them up. And going by the sentiment, publisher Take-Two has revealed some mighty impressive sales figures for the series.

According to reports, Take-Two, via its latest financial report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has revealed that the Grand Theft Series has shipped over 220 million copies till date. Not bad! Not bad at all.

Going deep into the numbers, it was revealed that the recently released GTA 5 alone has shipped 54 m copies and that it still remains the fastest game to ever make a billion dollars – which, of course, the game collected in just three days.

Earlier reports had indicated that at the end of March, GTA 5 had sold 52m copies. It seems the extra 2m was generated when the game's PC version came around in April.

Apart from that, the publisher also revealed that the previously released Red Dead Redemption also claimed 14m copy sales since release.

Elsewhere, it has also been revealed that the Borderlands series has sold more than 26m copies to date, with more than 13m of those being Borderlands 2. These numbers make the game 2K's highest-selling title to date.

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[Source: Eurogamer]