Shakti Kapoor
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Shakti Kapoor may have been one of the most wildest villains in Bollywood but the actor had also shocked the industry with many of his scandalous stories. Despite being a baddy on screen, he had a massive female fan following and soon became their everyday man crush. But there are several wild stories about him that you might not have even heard of.

After Shakti Kapoor emerged as the new generation villain in the industry, the actor had once told a veteran journalist that he had "received all kinds of sexy fan mail" after he his popularity skyrocketed with back-to-back hit performances. He even went on reveal that "girls sent him their undergarments for him to autograph."

He might have been the chick magnet back then, but his life was filled with controversies that had given enough fodder for gossip mongers to talk about. His involvement in 2005 sting operation wherein he was caught on camera seeking sexual favours from a journalist who posed as a struggling actress, has remained his biggest controversies till date.