Shakti Kapoor
Shakti Kapoor on The Kapil Sharma ShowTwitter

If there's any actor in Bollywood who would make you roll on the floor laughing with his crazy wild stories, it is none other than Shakti Kapoor, a villain who became the rhythm of heartbeat to millions. And if you invite him to The Kapil Sharma Show, he will shed all his inhibitions to spill out some of the mad incidents of his life on the table.

Recalling one such mad but funny incident to Kapil Sharma, Shakti Kapoor, who appeared on the show with his sister-in-law and actress Padmini Kolhapure, revealed how he had gotten into trouble with his wife Shivangi Kolhapure because of a typographical error (Typo) while sending an SMS.

"I had bought a small house in Goa and I was looking after the interiors while my wife was in Mumbai at that time. This SMS is a very bad thing. One spelling mistake can make your life a living hell. I messaged her that "I am having a super time. I wish you were her." I had forgottne to put the last 'e'," Shakti Kapoor said on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Shakti Kapoor further went on to list the number of problems associated with mobile phones adding that people of his generation were very happy since phones didn't exist during that time.

He said, "Sometimes what happens is that you are supposed to send a message to someone but you send it to another person. Nowadays you have an option to delete the message that you had accidentally sent but most of time it doesn't work. You keep playing with it on your phone like anything. We people were really happy when there were no mobile phones. Trust me, it has ruined by life."

Meanwhile, The Kapil Sharma Show has been struggling to get back on the list of top 10 TV shows because of the falling TRPs.