What's in a name? The answer usually strikes when someone gets your name wrong. Actors are often careful about their names, we know so many actors who change their names to make it big in the industry. Once a famous actor, Raaj Kumar compared Dharmendra and Jeetendra to monkeys. The reason was their names. But, the incident is still as hilarious as it was when it happened. 

The reason why Raaj Kumar compared Dharmendra and Jeetendra to monkeys

In Bollywood names do matter, a name can guarantee a film and make a career. It's the nature of the audience to remember names better than performances at times. However, not everybody is good with names, even if you are famous and popular, there will be times people get the name wrong.

Raaj Kumar, Dharmendra and Jeetendra

Actor Raaj Kumar was known to mix up names of co-stars and actors. He used to often get confused between Dharmendra and Jeetendra. On many occasions, he called Dharmendra by Jeetendra's name and vice versa. After a point, Dharmendra who found it impolite thought he should address it and perhaps Raaj Kumar won't make the mistake if it's pointed out to him.

Raaj Kumar was known to be someone with a unique personality, and he didn't disappoint. When Dharmendra brought it up, Raaj Kumar wrote off the issue, "What difference does it make if it's Rajendra, or Dharmendra or Jeetendra or Bandar (monkey). To Raaj Kumar they're all the same." 

Raaj Kumar was already known to be someone with a unique personality. Obviously this left Dharmendra with no response. What do you say to that? The two actors have worked on two films together Raaj Tilak in 1984 and Mahaveera in 1988.