Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt
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Alia Bhatt's sister Shaheen recently spoke about an unpleasant incident that still makes her uncomfortable when talked about.

In a book written by Shaheen, where she talked about facing depression since her teenage years, she mentioned an episode where she was asked by a photographer to not pose with Alia and Pooja because she looked dark.

During a recent interview with film critic Rajeev Masand, Shaheen spoke about the incident and said that it still affects her.

As mentioned in the book, Shaheen once went with Alia and Pooja for a photoshoot, where the photographer asked her to leave the frame because she looked dark, unlike her two sisters. "And you said that till date, looking at those pictures cripples you emotionally," the host said asking her to talk about it.

"It's making me unconformable right now as you are talking about it. You know, women, in general, suffer a lot. Shame I think is the core of depression and it could be any form of shame, and with women, I think body image also tends to be one of the causes for shame. Shame is central and I wish I could make people understand that shame is central to any kind of negative feelings, depression, and sadness. It stops you from being vulnerable and you constantly fear that if you will show yourself as you are, you will be rejected by society. And my self-worth was definitely affected because I was at an age where the seeds of that were sown in me," she said during the interview.

Earlier, Mahesh Bhatt had revealed that Shaheen used to suffer from depression and had even considered attempting suicide at the age of 13. Although she appears to be much better now, her words during the interview suggest that certain things still haunt her from the past.