'Mr. Perfectionist' Aamir Khan has always tried to remain distant from any kind of controversies. But it seems that despite his best efforts, Aamir somehow lands himself into trouble.

The controversial AIB roast featuring Karan Johar as roastmaster, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor as the guests went viral before attracting widespread controversy. Since Ranveer and Arjun made headlines by their obscene and abusive language during AIB Knockout, it created a lot of buzz among the celebrities and twitter was flooded with tweets regarding the roast.

Pooja Bhatt and Aamir Khan
Pooja Bhatt and Aamir Khantwitter

Everyone, had some or the other piece of a word to say on the topic. And when 'PK' actor was asked to comment on his views on the roast, his words brought another controversy along with it.

Aamir Khan in an interview was quoted saying that he was deeply disturbed by what the AIB team did publicly.  

Aamir Khan's stinging criticism of the AIB roast

He said, "I have not seen the entire roast but I have heard about it and I have seen 2-3 clips of it... I was deeply affected by that. I scolded them (Karan and Arjun) and said 'I don't find it funny'. I personally have a problem with it."

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan AIB roasttwitter

"My opinion is that it was a violent show. Karan (Johar) and Arjun (Kapoor) are my friends and I scolded them and told them that I was not impressed with it. If you think 25 abuses can impress me, then you're wrong. I'm not 14 anymore; abusive language doesn't excite me. If you can make me laugh without hurting anyone, that I'll appreciate. I don't think jokes about the colour of skin or one's sexuality are funny at all," Aamir further added.

The 55-year-old actor's word did not get down well for many and many Bollywood celebs had shown their objection related to his comment and one amongst them was Alia Bhatt's half-sister Pooja Bhatt. 

Aamir Khan put 'Sunny Leone to shame': Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt who has shared the screen space with Mr Perfectionist in 'Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin' showed her displeasure and slammed the actor for his response to the controversial show.

Pooja Bhatt

"I feel it's hypocritical self-styled moralists and the Aamir Khans of the world, who are more frightening and injurious. I am appalled at his sudden self-righteous mode. He has completely forgotten his body of work - the double meaning song, Bhaag DK Bose - in Delhi Belly, and the PK poster where he left nothing to the imagination, putting Sunny Leone to shame!", she said to Hindustan Times.

Pooja's half-sister Alia Bhatt faced legal action along with a few more members of AIB, but she remains unperturbed on the FIR.

"These are frivolous and absurd cases filed by bullies to trouble people and waste the time of the courts that have more important cases to deal with," Pooja added.