SMS is passé and the world, well, at least a seventh of it, is on WhatsApp. While the messaging service has remained predominantly on users' smartphones, new rumours suggest that it just might make a desktop appearance.

Sure, the app can technically be used on a computer through WhatsApp Web, which mirrors the device's functionalities and projects it on a computer's web browser, but the system isn't exactly fool-proof since it requires that users' phones be connected to the internet, and WhatsApp warns users to connect to a Wi-Fi router for best results.

The latest rumours come from @WABetaInfo on Twitter, which reportedly runs sweeps of WhatsApp documentation looking for specific phrases. The account reported that it has allegedly found phrases that point towards the development of multiple desktop clients for the messaging service.

The desktop app for WhatsApp would be a welcome change for users and businesses alike. While WhatsApp Web is entirely contained in a web browser and will not present notifications if the browser is closed, the desktop application would sit quietly in the task bar and pop up only when needed. In addition, the excessive drain on mobile data may also be reduced.

Managers so far have ensured that their teams at the work place are kept up to date through groups. The desktop app could possibly eliminate barriers to communication brought on by users not checking their devices because they were "running out of battery" and had to turn their data off.