WhatsApp adds Voicemail and call-back features; How to use them?
WhatsApp adds Voicemail and call-back features; How to use them?Wikimedia Commons

When Apple announced that its Messages app would add a host of features, including animations, GIF support and more, at the recent WWDC, it was Apple trying not to be outdone by third-party messaging apps. In its own bid to stay relevant, WhatsApp is now rumoured to be introducing a few new features of its own.

German website Macerkopf has reported that WhatsApp may allow users to share music from within the app and listen to the tracks through a dedicated music player built into WhatsApp. According to the report, users will be able to share locally-saved files as well as music from Apple Music.

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to share locally-saved music and play them in the messaging app itself, but files shared from Apple Music are sent as links that open up in the Apple Music app and not within WhatsApp. Macerkopf also reported that users would require an Apple Music account to enjoy the music shared with them through WhatsApp.

The feature exists in the WhatsApp beta version 9to5Mac reported that the WhatsApp beta version also includes a few extra features like mentions, public groups and an Apple Messages-like support for larger emoji.

While larger emoji, we assume, would be more like the heart emoji when shared without any text, public groups would allow users to join a WhatsApp group by tapping on a link shared with them. Currently, for users to join a WhatsApp group, they need to be added by a group member with admin privileges. Group admins would also have the power to revoke link access to their groups.

Group mentions, 9to5Mac reported, would work much like how Mentions work in Twitter and would allow users to tag people from their contacts list in a group conversation.