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Whatsapp launches a new feature on its message delivery option by introducing a new colourful tick mark. Previously messages were denoted by two ticks, one to mention the message has been accepted by the server and sent to the recipient. If the recipient is available online, the message will get delivered and the single tick will be converted into double beside the sender's sent message. But there was no option available to let the sender know whether the recipient read the message.

Adding the same feature in the social messaging app, Whatsapp is introducing a Blue Tick mark to confirm the recipient read the message. The feature might look very tiny but is already getting mixed reactions from the users. Few think it's great to see the delivery confirmation of your messages and the others thinks this will hamper their privacy.

Contextually there are few social messengers available which already integrates this feature from long. If you remember there was an option given by the popular mail service provider like, clicking which a boomerang message used to appear at inbox confirming the recipient has read your e-mail. But from a mixed reaction from the users mostly for privacy concerns, compelled the providers to withdraw that feature.

Whatsapp blue tick
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Anyways, Whatsapp will get to know the users reaction in a few days. Meanwhile let's check how to avail this service. First you need to update your whatsapp app on the phone. Then just tap onto a particular message and hold for a while to get it selected. Once selected, just click on the information logo beside the 'recycle bin icon on the top. You can see a small letter 'i' with a circle around it. Clicking on that will get you to a screen detailing the message sent time delivered as well as the read time.

It will even show a seen timestamp on a picture or video message. If you don't see double blue check marks then the recipient might have not opened it or probably is not using the updated Whatsapp.

Meanwhile a rumour has reignited that Whatsapp is introducing free call via data networks or WiFi using VOIP service.