Whatsapp has rolled out its latest Android update V2.12.250. With the update, the mobile messaging app is offering several new controls for users. Here's what you'll get from the new upgrade.

Custom Notifications

The latest Whatsapp update will allow you to set individual notification alerts for individual contacts. The feature allows you to change the ringtone, notification light, pop-up notification behaviour and vibration for each contact.

Mute Individual Contacts

Whatsapp already offers muting groups for a given period from its earlier update but with the latest download it will allow you to mute individual contacts with a given time period to ensure that a particular person can't disturb with message bombing during busy hours.

New Emojis

The latest update offers you more emojis that meet your taste. On a plus side, it also offers emojis with different skin tones so that you can feel connected to what you send.

Unread Mark

Whatsapp had launched the read notification a while ago so that you can know the recipient has read the message. The notification also comes with a timestamp to let you know exactly when the person read the message. While the option is pretty handy in most of the cases, it becomes annoying too in some cases.

With the new update, you can mark the messages as unread even after reading them. The feature won't let the recipient know that you've already read the message. It will allow you to mark important messages, so that you can read them later.

Less Data Consumption during Calls

Even after getting a wonderful feedback from users, the Whatsapp calling feature has not achieved the expected popularity due to its huge data consumption. With the new update, Whatsapp has added a new feature, which will consume less data than before. For activating, navigate to Settings>>Chats and Calls and turn on the Low Data Usage option.