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A couple of days ago, rumours were floating around that WhatsApp was making a desktop-friendly version of its messaging app. Turns out the rumours were true, and the Facebook-owned company made the application available to Mac and Windows users on Tuesday, May 10.

The announcement was made on WhatsApp's official blog on Tuesday, wherein the company said the application requires that computers run at least OSX 10.9 or Windows 8, adding that the application is also compatible with newer operating systems (OSes)

WhatsApp revealed that the desktop application will mirror conversations and messages from users' devices, much like Whatsapp Web, the web browser-based iteration of the app.

What is interesting is that with Windows, WhatsApp decided not to go down the universal app route. Instead of being built on the Windows Universal App platform, the new application is a classic desktop app.

The application can be downloaded here, and requires the device registered to your WhatsApp to set up. Once users have downloaded and installed the application, the first step is to scan the QR code that the application will display.

The set-up process is much like setting up WhatsApp Web and requires users to select the WhatsApp Web option filed under the more options button on the WhatsApp home screen.