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What is Cristiano Ronaldo up to, that's the question we all want to ask at the moment.

While the Real Madrid superstar is making news almost every day, over the last decade, for his impressive football skills, his personal life is also a big piece of meat for gossip mongers.

British publication The Sun has brought out a sensational report that Ronaldo recently made an indecent proposal to Brazilian BumBum model Erika Canela, while he was on international duty with the Portugal football team, only a few weeks ago.

Erika who? Well, the current Miss BumBum who boasts a 42-inch derriere.

By the way, this has all happened reportedly in the absence of Cristiano's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. We sincerely hope their relationship is not going the way it did with Irina Shayk!

Startling revelations by Miss BumBum Erika Canela

"I thought he'd be more interested in Barbie-type models. I never imagined he'd like a big-bottomed Brazilian woman like me," Erika dropped the mic on what Cristiano's up to.

"He did all the running. He said in one WhatsApp message, 'Do you want to come to my house? I want to see you', and arranged a pick-up from my hotel in Lisbon.

"Everything seemed fine until I spoke to him from the car and he said that because I was late, he only had a quarter of an hour.

"I'm not a half-hour woman, let alone 15 minutes, so I hung up."


Apparently, the Brazilian model is claiming Ronaldo messaged her on WhatsApp and invited her for dinner, while Erika was touring Lisbon for a reality TV shoot.

She claimed to be awe-struck by CR7, but didn't want to spend just 15 minutes with him, a time span she felt was insulting. 

"I think a new meeting [with Cristiano] will be difficult," she added. "But if I hear he's no longer dating [Georgina] and he doesn't think I'm the sort of woman he can enjoy and move on from after 15 minutes, who knows what might happen?"

And as expected, Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet (and possibly never will) commented on Erika Canela's revelations.

Selfie time?

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Personal life of Cristiano in the soup now?

One of the major reasons behind Ronaldo's failed relationship with Russian Victoria's Secret model Irina Shayk in 2013 was the footballer messaging "other women behind her back". 

Andressa Urach, a former runner-up of the Miss BumBum competition in Brazil, apparently shared a bed with Cristiano back then, and Irina found out about his rambling conversations with Andressa.

"I'd heard about Andressa. Maybe he's got a Miss BumBum fetish," Erika, 20, said.

Cristiano and Georgina are dating since the latter part of 2016, but they recently went public with their relationship.

Cristiano's ex-girlfriends:

  • Irina Shayk
  • Desirée Cordero Ferrer

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